The Collective

Working with a collective is like getting a custom bag of trail mix. Everything you need, nothing you don't.
The Collective Model

Situated somewhere between freelancers and a full-fledged ad agency, Mountain Hive thrives as a wild-but-carefully-tended garden to make sweet, sweet creative honey. You’ve got enough on your plate – there’s no need to piece-meal a creative team together and worry about who’s going to manage all of them (and with what time?). We’ve got that covered. So go ahead, put a spoonful (or four) in your tea. There’s plenty to go around.

Our Core Values


Our process is based on authentic integration of your values through creativity and strategy. We bring a fresh perspective to our work through the lens of our diverse mediums and experiences. We’re here to be inspired by you and create your vision with you side-by-side, hand-selecting every detail to soar with intention.


Collaboration and clear communication are our expertise, and carried throughout our holistic approach to marketing. Our team is made up of professional, kind, and expert creatives, ready to drive results for your brand.


As die-hard outdoor enthusiasts, we’re committed to walking the walk when it comes to sustainable business practices. Sustainability is an ongoing journey and we know that our work in environmental stewardship will never truly be done, but we’re committed to always learning, always growing and always doing things for the right reasons.


Our team of experts has the know-how and industry insight to take your brand to the next level. Through merging our collective skill sets we’re ready to act as an extension of your team, listening to your every need and focusing on seamless integration of strategy, content and marketing.


As a group of creatives in the outdoor industry, we’re truly in the business of fun. Our team embodies the work hard, play harder mentality and we draw the bulk of our inspiration from the saddle of a bike or skis and skins underfoot.